We Flipped a Coin l l Hayden & Marina

Hayden waited for his best friend patiently as he sat on his bed putting away his clothes into the separate drawers. Hayden really hadn’t met too many other people around the house yet, since he was still quite busy settling in. He would meet everyone soon, he hoped. He hadn’t really emerged from his room yet, but he knew Marina would pull him out eventually.

He shoved in a pair of socks into the drawer as he thought about after this summer. He’d miss Marina a lot, that was for sure. In fact, he’d miss her more than a lot. He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d live without Marina right there. He tried shaking those depressing thoughts out of his head for the second as he thought about now. He knew he had to make this summer the best, that was for sure. He tried thinking of a few things to do this summer until Marina came by.

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    [[MORE]] All Marina’s thoughts washed away as she got more caught up in the moment. She didn’t think about why they were...
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    [[MORE]] Hayden felt Marina’s fingertips run across his body very gently. The thin hairs stood up as she ran her fingers...